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Lalla Rookh



Lalla Rookh is an eastern romance told in a mixture of prose and poetry. The title-character, a Moghul Princess, journeys to Dehli to marry the Crown Prince of Bucharia in the company of her father’s Vice-Chamberlain Fadladeen, and also the poet Feramorz. The latter endears himself to the Princess by telling her four poetic tales during the journey; he then reveals himself as her destined spouse on the day of their wedding.

Irish Melodies

Moore’s romance, the product of much research by him in the writing of it, was first published by the London firm Longmans on 27 May 1817. It was tremendously successful, reaching over twenty editions during Moore’s lifetime. ERIN tracks the publication in England, Ireland, France, Germany, and Prussia (now Russia) of over twenty distinct songs, as well as several substantial choral works or operas, during the nineteenth century.


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Collection of electronic images with attached metadata:
Lalla Rookh in 19th-century Europe - This collection tracks musical works and illustrations inspired by Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh, as published in Europe before 1881.
Associated narrative exhibit
The tales and travels of Lalla RookhThis exhibition tells the story of Moore's Lalla Rookh through the music and illustrations that Moore's oriental romance inspired, while tracking the circulation of illustrated editions and musical scores across space (Europe) and time (between 1817 and 1880).